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Unit 10 It’s a nice day, isn’t it?


unit 10 it’s a nice day, isn’t it?
一. 教學內容:
unit 10 it’s a nice day, isn’t it?
二. 教學過程:
1. 重點短語:
  tell sb. about sth. 告訴某人某事,hate doing sth. 討厭做某事
  help sb. with sth. 幫助某人(做)某事,think of 想起
  hundreds of 數百,成百上千,in the future 在將來
  come true 實現,be careful 小心,當心;at least 至少
  get along 相處融洽,look through 瀏覽,be able to 能夠,會
  space station 太空站,go skating 去滑冰
2. 交際用語:
  (1)it’s a nice day, isn’t it?
  (2)what a nice day, isn’t it?
  (3)it looks like rain, doesn’t it?
  (4)i hope so /not.
  (5)so do i.
3. 語法:學習反意疑問句。
三. 重、難點講解:
1. do you think it’ll stop by noon?
  此句中的by noon 意為“在中午之前”,by 的意思是“不遲于,在……之前,到……為止”。
(1)please be here by 4:00 p.m. 請在下午四點鐘之前到這兒。
  (2)by the end of last month 到上個月末
  by 還可以表示方式、方法、手段、通過等,也可用作介詞,表示“在……旁邊”。
  (3)jim got the news by phone. 吉姆是通過電話得到這個消息的。
  (4)he makes a living by selling vegetables. 他以賣菜為生。
  (5)you can sit by me. 你可以坐在我旁邊。
  句中的noon意為“中午”,若表示“在中午”,則用at noon
2. there are two people looking through books in a bookstore.
  (1)look through 意為“瀏覽;仔細查看”。
  before the meeting, i looked through the report.
  please look through your papers carefully.
  (2)looking through books in a bookstore 是現在分詞作后置定語,修飾people。
  look at the girl reading under the tree.
  do you know the man wearing glasses?
  there are many people lying on the beach.
3. two people are waiting to cross the busy street.
  句中的cross 意為“橫穿、橫過、越過”,用作動詞,其介詞形式是across。若表示“通過(縱向,內部)”,則用介詞through。
  (1)be careful when you __________the street.
  (2)you can go in or out __________ the door.
  (3)he likes to see the buses and the cars go __________ the road.
  (4)turn left and walk __________ the bridge.
  (5)he is the youngest to swim __________ the river.
  (6)let’s go __________ the park.
  a. cross    b. across   c. through
4. at least it isn’t raining. 至少沒在下雨。
  at least 意為“至少,最少,起碼”。例如:


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