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Unit 2 Healthy eating(Period 7 Revision: Summing up and learning tip)


unit 2 healthy eating
period 7 revision: summing up and learning tip
this is the last teaching period of this unit, so the emphasis should be placed on going over and summarizing what has been learned in this unit. it includes the following parts: summing up, learning tip, assessment and consolidation exercises.
summing up summarizes the whole contents of this unit from the aspects of topics, vocabulary and grammar. the teacher can first use this part to let students sum up what they have learned and then explain what students couldn’t understand very well in this unit. an experienced teacher should design some additional exercises for students to do in order that they can learn to use and grasp all the contents.
learning tip encourages students to look at the side of the packet or tin when they buy food in packet or tin. this will help them not only know how much sugar, fat, vitamin, protein, and fiber there is in their food but also learn more words and expressions connected with food. they can use this information to help them have a healthy diet as well as increase their vocabulary. so make sure that students have a try.
in this period, the teacher can also provide more practices to consolidate what students have learned in this unit.
finally, ask students to finish checking yourself on page 54 in the workbook. this part aims at encouraging students to make a self-assessment after they finish learning this unit. it is very important to improve their learning. of course, a testing assessment is also needed.
1. get students to review and consolidate what they have learned in this unit.
2. develop students’ ability to solve problems.
get students to turn what they have learned into their ability.
1. get students to go over the useful new words and expressions in this unit.
2. have students review the new grammar item: the use of ought to.
1. develop students’ ability to use the important language points in this unit.
2. enable students to learn to use ought to correctly.
1. encourage students to learn more about problems with diet, a balanced diet and nutrition.
2. stimulate students’ sense to have a balanced diet.
3. strengthen students’ sense of group cooperation.

→step 1 revision
1. check the homework exercises.
2. dictate some useful new words and expressions in this unit.
→step 2 lead-in
tell students: up to now, we have finished unit 2 healthy eating. have you learned and grasped all in this unit? turn to page 16. you can check yourself by filling in the blanks in the part summing up.


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