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Unit4 Astronomy:the science of the stars-reading學案


a visit to the moon學習目標:1. learn about the three ways gravity changed during the visit.          2. master some key language points.          3. develop the curiosity of exploring space.學習重點:1. words: ① force/power/strength/energy ② escape ③ exhaust          2. phrases: get the hang of          3. 倍數的表達學習方法:自主探究;小組合作學習過程:ⅰ. knowledge link who is the first manin china walking in space?                            ⅱ.reading1.                   read the passage and finish the chart below.                the  force  of  gravity  changes  3  timeschange 1when we are trying to ___________ the pull of the earth’s ____________, it is __________ __________ _________ we could not say anything to each other.change 2when we are in space, we _________ __________ _________ there is no gravity at all.change 3when we are on the moon, we are able to move __________ _________ and certainly ____________ less.2.                   analyze sentence structure①                               例:i did hear that the bank of england had issued two notes in this amount.【分析】that引導的句子做hear的賓語,為賓語從句●li yanping explained to me that the force of gravity would change three times on our journey and that the first change would be the most powerful.【分析】explained to me 后面跟了兩個由and并連的that引導的_________________.②                               例:wang peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated.【分析】動詞feel 前無連接詞,故不能和sat一起做并列謂語,只能以非謂語形式做狀語;feel和主語wang peng是主動的關系,故用~ing形式,如果是被動的關系,則用~ed形式.

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