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六年級下冊第三單元A Let's read教案


book8 unit3 a let's read
      郯城縣歸昌鄉中心小學: 陳秀梅
教學內容:part a let's play
1.be able to express "what did you do last weekend?"
2.be able to know "is" and "was".
    test of  let's read
    how to  express "what did  you do last weekend?"
step1 preparation
    1.let's chant "what did  you do last weekend?"
    ( watched tv   washed clothes  cleaned the room       played football   visited grandparents)
    nice to meet you
    i visited my grandparents last weekend
    what did  you do last weekend?
    i (did)... last weekend
t:what did you do last weekend?
s:i cleaned my room.
    t:what did you do last weekend?
    s:i cleaned my room,and played football.
    t:what did you do last weekend?
   s:cleaned my room, played football and watched tv.
   t:oh,he was very busy last weekend(pay attation to "was")
   repeat: hewas very busy last weekend.
step3 in reading
    1.general reading
    read the test in first time,and finish tick(√ )or cross(× )
    (1)wu yifan was  busy last weekend. (      )
    (2)wu yifan played football saturday morning.(      ) 
     2. detailed reading
read carefully and answer the question
(1)what did wu yifan do saturday morning?
(2 )what did wu yifan do sunday afternoon?
(3 )why did wu yifan visit his grandmother?
     3. read again and finish the sentences
     wu yifan____his grandparents  saturday morning.
sunday morning , he _____with his friend.he ____and _______sunday afternoon.
(1)listen to the tape, listen and repeat.
(2)read after teacher ,then read aloudly
(3)read by yourselves
(4)read in groups
(5)read by only one
(6)retell the test (give some phrase)

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