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一次學校組織的旅游(My School Trip)

  一次學校組織的旅游(my school trip)

  i was happy on tuesday because i went to chimelong paradise with my classmates and teachers. there were 8 groups in my class and 5 people in each group. we enjoyed ourselves.

  first, we went there by bus. it took an hour to get there and once we were there we took pictures in front of the gate of chimelong paradise. the pictures were very beautiful. then we went inside. first. my group went to the screaming zone. we rode the 10-inversion roller coaster. we were excited when we rode it. when the ride was over we were stiff and drank some drinks to relax. then we went to the motorbike launch coaster. it was a shock to us. we rode it twice. then we went to the 4d theater and watched an exciting movie. then we went to the drift which i thought was boring . we went to the torrent quickly after that. we were high when we rode it and decided to ride it again.

  at this time we were so hungry and we looked for a restaurant to have lunch. we ordered 4 taiwan noodles and a guangzhou noodles. they were very tasty. after that, we were full of energy.we rode the small roller coaster. we were also happy to ride it. then we rode the bumper cars. that was interesting. we rode again and again. we had a nice time.

  an hour later it was 3 o’clock. we went to the frog jumps. we scared when we saw it but i rode it with a bold friend. we were afraid to ride it.

  at last, i went to the cake shop to buy cakes then we went back to the bus. the bus took us back to the school . we were tired in the bus. but we had a good time today.

  we hope we can go there again. we enjoyed ourselves there.


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